Why Should You Clean Your Sub Ohm Tank

    You must make it already part of your routine to clean well your sub ohm vape tanks at least once a week. It is frightening to know that most vapers don’t know about this. Having the ability to religiously clean your device and maintain its quality will go a long way. Let us know the importance of cleaning and maintenance with this post.

    Germs and Bacteria

    Before you use the sub ohm tank for the first time, clean it well to avoid any contamination that may be present inside the device. The mouthpiece and the tank can create a breeding place for the germs and bacteria to propagate. The sub ohm vape tank can carry these germs and bacteria through the saliva and food particles. Cleaning will also ensures your safety and health. If you keep on using your device without cleaning it on a regular basis, you will end up getting sick always. You must wash your mouthpiece daily.


    Your tank for sub ohm vaping experiences plenty of changes internally because of temperature and humidity. These factors can make the vape juice thicken, especially if stored for a long time. The stickiness of the e-liquid may sneak and remain into the cracks of your device as well as the coils and the wick of your rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). This is similar to water struggling its way in and out of the greasy hose. Your vaping device won’t perform at its best if the sticky unvaped e-juice clogs up your tank. But if you cleaned your vape tank well, it will be shiny and your vaporizer will perform better.


    Another reason you must put into consideration is to have the best possible flavor experience. Your vape tank can offer you this if you clean it on a regular basis. This is essential when you prefer switching lots of flavors. This is because you will have something known as “flavor ghosting.”

    For those who are not familiar with it, this term refers to the flavor you’ll taste that you previously placed in your tank and then you filled it with another different flavor. This disgusting mix of flavors happens when there is a layer of that previous vape juice left inside the walls of the sub ohm tank. It may appear that the tank is completely empty, but the remaining e-liquid may stay in the coil and the wick.

    So what you’re going to do to prevent this to happen is you clean your tank thoroughly before you switch the flavors. This is very easy and fast. You must avoid the buildup of the previous e-liquid in your tank. Remember the benefits you’ll get to your vaping experience and your health. To know more health benefits about sub ohm vaping, visit the official WOTOFO website. You’ll also find the best technique to use your vape safely.

    Buildup From Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG)

    As you continue to sub ohm vape, the VG and PG used to produce the special sub ohm vape juice (although some e-liquids contain 100 percent ratio of VG) can begin to build up inside your device. This can cause a drastic change in the taste and flow of the vapor. Instead of enjoying the vape, you’ll end up disappointed of the vapor production and flavor.

    To avoid such issues, you must keep your sub ohm tank clean. Put in mind that sub ohm vaping is a way that will let you experience a different level of vaping. Don’t let the cleaning and maintenance of your sub ohm tank hinder you from experiencing the best vape.

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