What We Think About Ghost Vapes Flagship Device – The Ghost XL Disposable Vape Pen

    The company behind this intriguing addition to the throwaway market is Ghost Vapes. Ghost Vapes was founded a few years ago with the goal of providing true-convection on-demand heating. To do this, they reverse-engineered the most popular products on the market in order to better match their device to the user’s expectations, attempting to improve on outdated convection heating methods. The Ghost XL and Ghost Max devices were the ultimate outcomes. Ghost Vapes’ flagship product is the Ghost XL disposable vape pen.


    The Ghost XL is an all-in-one, ready-to-vape gadget with a stylish design. Because of its tiny size, it is lightweight, portable, and easy to transport. When you take a drag, the gadget has a duck-billed mouthpiece that fits nicely in your mouth.

    Ghost XL Disposable Vape Pen By Ghost Vapes Review

    The Ghost XLs have a draw-activated firing mechanism that makes them incredibly simple to use. All you have to do now is put the device’s mouthpiece in your mouth and enjoy your drag. It gives you the same sensation of smoking but without the dry hits.

    Battery and Ejuice Capacity

    A 500mAh battery is housed inside the Ghost XLs’ chassis, which is connected to a 3.2ml ejuice tank. These are truly generous offers from Ghost Vapes, especially when compared to many of the other disposables on the market.

    Flavor Profile

    The Ghost disposable vape pen is loaded with ejuice that is meant to offer a flavor-packed experience as you enjoy the powerful nicotine impact. Let’s take a closer look at some of the flavor options available.

    • Guava Ice: This version of the Ghost XL disposable is filled to the brim with a delicious, exotic guava flavor that is complimented with generous notes of menthol to leave you refreshed after each drag. 
    • Lemon Lime Ice: This flavor combination guarantees to leave you satisfied all day long. Each drag delivers a sour and zesty taste of the classic combination of lemon and lime. It does not stop there, you also get to sit back and relax with a menthol kick. 
    • Razz Current Ice: When you inhale this flavor mixture you are rewarded with a mouthwatering mixture of tart and juicy razz currant with a hint of ice that ultimately creates a tasty all-day vape.
    • Pineapple Coconut: This flavor is reminiscent of a tropical getaway. Succulent coconut nectar and juicy pineapples will take your taste senses on a delicious trip. 
    • Blizzard: This Ghost XL flavor features an ice-cold mint flavor that gives you a rush of satisfaction that is perfect for mint lovers.
    • Hyper: How about a disposable vape pen filled with your favorite Red Bull energy drink? This Ghost XL taste profile provides an energy boost that is ideal for those dreary days.

    In addition to these, they also have Strawberry Kiwi Ice, Blue Razz, Peach Ice, Watermelon Ice, Mixed Berries, Pink Lemon, Blizzard (Cool Mint), O.M.G (Orange Mango Guava), Classic, and Passionfruit Ice.

    Nicotine Concentration

    So now you know that you can choose from a variety of tasty ejuice tastes, but vaping would be pointless without nicotine, especially since it was meant to assist smokers to quit. As a result, Ghost Vapes not only created this disposable vape pen in a variety of nicotine strengths but also used salt nicotine. Salt nicotine is similar to ordinary freebase nicotine, but it has a particular superpower that allows you to vape large amounts of nicotine without experiencing throat irritation, something regular freebase nicotine does not provide.

    The Ghost XL disposable vape pen is available in salt nicotine strengths of 20mg/mL, 35mg/mL, and 50mg/mL.


    Given that the Ghost XL is a disposable vape pen, there are a few questions you should have. For example, how long does the battery last and does it run empty even when you aren’t through with your ejuice? It’s one thing for the Ghost XL to offer cigarette-like pulls and smooth throat hits owing to the salt nicotine concentration and ventilation, but you’ll be pleased to learn that the device’s 500mAh battery and 3.2ml ejuice tank can provide up to 800 puffs. Another plus is that the battery will keep you vaping till the ejuice in the tank is depleted, so there are no problems there.


    The Ghost XL disposable vape device is sold in a simple box with just the disposable device in it. It is sold for $12 on Hazetown Vapes

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