Vaping Etiquettes Every Vaper Should Know

    Buying a powerful vaping setup and high-quality e-juice does not give you the right to just puff anywhere. Even though everyone thinks they can, since vaping is different from smoking cigarettes, there are several unspoken vaping rules you ought to follow.

    Public Places

    Keep in mind that not everyone knows what vaping is. So treat vaping as if you are smoking and consider the people around you. Find an area to yourself downwind or away enough so your vapor will not get into other people’s faces. If you can’t, then it is best to avoid vaping in public. Most public areas have warnings and restrictions on smoking. It is highly recommended that you follow the rules. Even when vaping is not banned on public transport vehicles, people on-board may protest.

     In a Vehicle

    You may look at your car as a perfect place to vape. That’s fine if it is allowed in your city. In the UK, vaping while driving is technically legal. However, vapers can get nine points on their license plus a fine of up to £2,500 or disqualification. Filling your car with smoke can impair your visibility, making you a danger to everyone on the road.


    Your house, your rules. One advantage of vaping is that it will not stain your curtains and furniture. Furthermore, no strong tobacco smell will linger in your home for too long. Just make sure you air out your place if you have some friends coming over unless of course, they intend to join you in vaping.

    Blowing clouds in other people’s faces

    Even vapers would not want others to do this. Although the smell is not irritating, it is simply annoying. Be considerate and put yourself in their shoes.

    Stealth smoking

    Stealth vaping means keeping your mod in secret and releasing your vapor longer and slower than usual to make it less visible to others. Seriously, do not get yourself into trouble. If you are caught, remember that your reputation is at stake. However, the case is different if vaping is allowed in the area but you just want to keep low key.

    Create a good impression

    If you do not want vaping to be compared with smoking, then make a good impression in public. If someone sees you and asks what you are doing, it is a good chance to educate them.

    Even if you are around vapers, spare a few seconds to ask if they mind. And if you are around smokers, never criticize.

    Ask for permission

    There is nothing wrong in asking, right? Each time you go to a person’s house or car, remember to seek the owner’s permission first. This vaping etiquette is a must for every vaper.

    By the way, this rule also applies to vapers who want to borrow other people’s e-cigs or who want some e-juice.

    Children and pets

    The general rule of the thumb is do not vape in places you would not smoke. If you do not smoke in front of children or pets, then do not vape in front of them too. Studies show that the propylene glycol is bad for cats. Also, do not leave your mod and e-juice around children and pets.

    Vape Snobbing

    Never look down on other vapers just because you have a better setup than them. Your mod is not everyone’s cup of tea. And I am pretty sure there is always a reason why every vaper chooses a particular device. At the end of the day, it is not about who has the most expensive mod, but to what you are comfortable with.


    It all comes down to basic manners and right conduct. All you simply need to do is respect other people. I believe that if vapers are courteous, we can change the public perception of this practice. Happy vaping people!


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