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Top Assortment Flavors For DIY Vape Kits

DIY Vape kits are incomplete without the right set of flavor assortment packs. Forget about the nicotine salt or vape bottles or the VG to PE ratio – all these are majorly inconsequential without the use of the right flavor assortment. These flavors contain carefully designed concentrates to help maximize your vaping experience. In addition, they are guaranteed to take your flavor art to the “pro” level. Sadly, there are tons of flavor assortment packs to pick from, and this might even confuse veteran vapers who are searching for a new combination. To help make your choice easier, we decided to use Flavorah as our preferred product.

Why? They are a trusted ejuice concentrate company with an extensive range in flavor concentrate assortment packs. So, here are our top picks of Flavorah’s flavor assortment packs for DIY Vape kits.

Alchemist Assortment Packs
Sometimes, ejuice flavors go beyond the conventional fruity or candy flavors. Just like alchemists who are reputed to make gold from relatively commonplace metals, the Alchemist Assortment Packs utilizes everyday spices and roots to create an exotic fragrance for your vapes. The Alchemist Assortment comes in a 10ml bottle, and it contains the following ingredients; fire cinnamon, hazelnut, kinako soy, carrot, beer but, clove, yam, wood spice, pistachio, and oak barrel.
Herbal and Tea Assortment Packs
Here’s another not-so-common flavor that’s bound to enrich your palate and fill your nostrils with aromatic clouds of smoke. Tea and Herbal assortment packs are great additions to DIY assortment packs that transforms the quality of your vape, thanks to a cocktail of distinct herbs like Black Tea, Amaretto Sour, Honey Bee, Green Tea, Basil, Lemon Grass, Eisai Tea, Red Tea, Cucumber, Thai Chai, Rose essence, and Sangria.

Tropical Flavors Assortment
Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and feel the waves running between your toes as the breeze ruffles your hair and sun-kissed face. Sounds familiar, right? Well, using the tropical flavor for your DIY Vape kit is bound to create a similar effect as you vape. Created from an assortment of tropical fruits like Cherimoya, Passion fruit, Mango, Coconut, Papaya punch, Dragon fruits, pineapple, guava, tropical punch, and soursop. This flavor pack also comes in a 10ml vape bottle.

Tobacco Flavor Assortment Packs
Are you a fan of “kick” that comes with nicotine-laden tobacco leaves. Well, the tobacco flavor brings back that hint of nostalgia as you vape thick billowy clouds of vape. Flavorah uses food-grade materials and it is not derived from natural tobacco. Mind you, this doesn’t compromise the quality of the flavor in your DIY Vape kit. In addition to this, Flavorah’s tobacco flavor is so potent that only a small amount can give you that rich and full flavor. To help users explore the full potentials of tobacco flavors, this assortment pack contains different tobacco aromas; Kentucky Blend, Cured tobacco, Oriental tobacco, Tatanka tobacco, Pucker Tobacco, and more.

Bakery Flavor Assortment Packs
Cookie and baked goods flavors are also hit with most vape users. Its rich freshly baked cookie or cupcake flavor fills and soothes your throat as you inhale and exhale rich clouds of vape. This assortment pack also contains flavors such as muffin, spice, cake, cereals, crunch cereal, cinnamon crunch, macaroon, sweet dough, rich cinnamon, smoked butterscotch, and a blueberry muffin.

Wrapping Up
No doubt, your flavor concentrates, to a large extent, determines how much you will love your vapes. Exploring flavorah.com’s extensive flavor assortment packs is the first step towards your DIY Vape dreams. So, make it a priority by going for these flavor assortment packs that contain the best flavor combination for an optimum vaping experience.

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