Review: Watermelon Juice Estival from Cloud Alchemist.

    Juice: Estival- Watermelon Juice
    Vendor: Cloud Alchemist
    Size: 10ml, 30ml, 120ml
    Cost: 10ml for $6.75, 30 ml for 19.99, 120 ml for 59.99

    Ambrosial summer watermelon with notes of strawberry, apricot, and coconut.

    Product link:

    It’s true that not every brand of e-juice is for everyone, that’s what makes us all individuals. We all have our personal tastes. But if you believe an e-juice (or vendor) is wrong only because you don’t enjoy it, without looking at the bigger picture, you’ll never get a sympathetic ear from me. To call it anything other than a high-quality, well-crafted e-liquid would be shortsighted at best.

    Estival- Watermelon juice is a flavor I hold near and dear to my heart. While I always enjoyed my fruity flavored e-liquids, particularly strawberry and melon blends, it wasn’t until I discovered my first watermelon style juice, over a year after I began vaping, that I was confident I would never love another flavor as much as this one.

    It was my first ADV, and a flavor combination I still mix for myself to this day. When well made, it’s a perfect blend of sweet, light and fruity with a fresh, brisk finish. When done poorly it’s still not even that bad, but with flavors so clean, it’s usually pretty easy to separate the merely good from the great. In most cases, it comes down to a matter of balance.

    If the two main components, watermelon, and strawberry, are not in a state of equilibrium with the apricot, as far as the last profile goes, the result will often seem off. The sweet, juicy watermelon strawberry, up with the creamy apricot/coconut, but with a skewed flavor ratio is very pronounced. As with any e-juice that contains an apricot or creamy component, total wattage has drastic effects on flavor.

    So while the sweet, creamy notes are more pronounced without any touch of candy towards the upper end of the vaping/wattage spectrum, even at more conservative wattage, dialing in a sweet spot that delivers these two flavors is definitely possible. The apricot/coconut mix tends to smother the more delicate, familiar juicy watermelon flavor. It’s a good melon on its own which makes this a premium ejuice.

    The primary components seem to be a watermelon, a fruity subdued peach flavor, sweet, but not overly, cloyingly sweet, alongside a creamy coconut that also possesses its own sweetness and a delicious fresh strawberry. While these three players seem to dominate the profile, and they are all quite tasty on their own. There is a broad range of other more subtle complimentary flavors going on here.  This juice seems to change with every vape. It seems as if there is a light, earthy, almost floral note that I suspect coming from a well-utilized fruity juice component.

    The finish also has a flavor that seems familiar and makes me believe there is a minuscule amount of apricot or tangerine in the mix, which when brought together with the sweet strawberry flavor, will sometimes leave the finish with a note similar to that of a Creamsicle.

    I vaped this juice all over the vaping wattage spectrum, with several different rigs, but the most balanced flavor I was able to achieve came from the ProVari/510 atty rig at a relatively brisk 8.1 watts or 4.5v on a 2.5Ω bridgeless dripper. Admittedly, that wattage doesn’t do this juice any favors when it comes to vapor production, but that’s where this liquid attains its greatest sense of flavor.

    To further complicate things, I’m also getting a bit of melon sweetness, but from there on out, I might as well be throwing darts at a dartboard. Nailing down any one of the other flavors is like playing a game of hide-and-seek. As soon as you taste one thing, it’s gone a moment later, and trying to find it again on the next vape is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. In addition to being such an involved, multi-noted, impossibly layered composition, the juice is also incredibly smooth, remarkably tight-knit, and exquisitely balanced.

    A lightly sweet watermelon flavor mix with the apricot and blended perfectly in the front where Strawberry ripeness is a background flavor and in the finishing with the apricot hangs around the entire flavor profile make it sweeter and savory to the mix. Overall it’s one of the best e-juices in the fruit category.

    Color Light Brown
    Ratio A 20/80 & 50/50 blend of PG & VG
    Vapor Production A decent amount of vapor per hit
    Tested @ 8.1w on a Phoenix Atomizer at 2.5 Ohms




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