Refreshing E-Liquid Flavors For Spring

    Welcome the Spring Solstice with some refreshing e-juice flavors…

    I love spring because I get to take my three kids out to the park after a long winter. They get to release their energy on the playground and the soccer field. It’s fun to see them enjoy their young years and play in the sun. Any parent knows that the hardest part is the aftermath when your back hurts, the kids are hungry, and you’re sweaty and tired. You definitely need something refreshing to keep you from dwelling on the fact that you need to workout.

    That’s where my need for refreshing e-liquids comes in: a parent’s desperate need to survive. Sure, you may or may not have young children but we all need different ways to reinvigorate ourselves. These are the e-juice flavors that keep me being the World’s Greatest Dad, and I hope that they help you feel refreshed and ready to go!

    Fresh Fusion by Royal Heights

    If fruit flavors and fruit mixes are the most crispy and refreshing flavors in vaping, then Royal Heights has fused together with a vaping flavor that is just a step ahead. Fresh Fusion is a blend of melon, berries, and touch of peppermint. This is a flavor that will keep you relaxed and ready to spring back into action. Also, this is a great e-juice if you want to start exploring and incorporating mint into your daily routine.

    Berry | Melon | Peppermint | Menthol

    Arney P. by RVApors Private Stock

    Not to sound too corny, but I can’t wait to get out to the driving range and vape this Arnold Palmer inspired e-liquid. Green tea lemonade might just be the king of refreshing drinks. Vaping has come a long way in regards to flavors, and RVApors Private Stock exemplifies this. Now, you too can vape one of America’s most beloved springtime drinks!

    Lemonade | Green tea | Citrus | Tea | Fruit

    Bermuda by 13th Floor Elevapors

    There’s nothing like a glass of champagne with a tray of assorted fruits on your table during a spring afternoon with friends. Well, actually now there is something like that. An e-juice like that to be exact. Crisp champagne with tart and sweet fruits is truly a refined and refreshing vape. 13th Floor Elevapors transports you to an afternoon with friends, no matter where you are.

    Cream | Berry | Apple | Champagne | Alcohol | Raspberry | Fruit

    Bermuda Crystal by Conspiracy Liquids

    This is America and we’re addicted to soda. Sure, a deep seeded love for soda might be the sole thing keeping me from the gym, but I feel like I can vape Bermuda Crystal with absolutely no regrets. Citrus soda and tropical fruit e-liquid after my kid’s soccer game. You know I’m game.

    Citrus | Tropical | Soda | Fruit

    120ml BIGFinDEAL by eSnaxx

    This IS a BIGFinDEAL!  120ml for only $25?  Yes, That’s right!  The latest e-liquids product line from eSnaxx are –

    The latest product line from eSnaxx includes –

    Berry Burst- Strawberry flavor mix with chewy candy
    Zebra Stripe – Mix Flavor Fruity gum
    Boo Berry- Based on Marshmallow Cereal Flavor
    CRSP- Fruity Pebbles Frosted Flakes Rice Crispy Squares
    Happy Melon – Watermelon hard candy
    Tang- Orange Flavored tangy drink
    Cinnamon Swirl – Based on Cinnamon cereal Flavor
    Tiger’s Blood- Watermelon, Strawberry,  and Coconut

    Yes, they all are really DELICIOUS!  Grap 120ml by $25 only – vapin in the cape

    Watermelon| Strawberry| Orange

    Fruits Flavor Reviews by e-liquid flavors project

    e-liquid flavors project reviews and collected so many fresh fruits and you will get a great list there. For them, too much a good thing is only the review thing. Let’s see their review of different fruits flavors: guava, apple, key lime, and passionfruit. When you know fruit flavors are the most refreshing vapes out there, why not add more fruits to make you feel even more energized and alert. Spring time never tasted so delicious.

    Apple | Guava | Citrus | Key Lime | Passion Fruit | Fruit & more—

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