Mr. Cannoli E Liquid Review

    Who’s hunting for some oh-so-good dessert vapes? If you are nodding your head right now answering yes to my question, then I suggest you give this cannoli premium e liquid a try. It tastes so good I swear it will leave you craving and wanting more.

    But first, what is cannoli? These are Sicilian pasty desserts that are a staple in the cuisine of Sicily. They are those fried, tube-shaped pastry shells that are usually filled with a sweet and creamy filling like the mascarpone. Some compare them to the dessert Éclairs, and these are really commonly seen in café or dessert shops.

    Also, if you are a movie geek who has binged watch the legendary movie The Godfather, then I guess the line “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” sounds very familiar. Well apparently, the cannoli here are the exact same cannoli I am talking about above. But hey! We’re not really here to eat cannoli because that will only leave me feeling guilty for the calories, I am here to tell you of this new e-juice that tastes like a cannoli — introducing the Mr. Cannoli e-liquid!

    In all fairness, the taste of this Mr. Cannoli e-juice is phenomenal. On the inhale, you will notice the chocolate cream puffs with hints of custard. Then on the exhale, you will be surprised with the full flavor of creamy doughnuts. Now, I bet just reading the combination of all these flavors start to irritate your throat already. But the sweetness in this bottle is perfectly blended and will not leave you feeling overpowered.

    If you are not into chocolate vape juices because I don’t know maybe the last e-juice felt choky on the throat, then I am highly recommending this e-liquid. The chocolate taste is not overwhelming at all. This can also be a perfect mate for those seeking for some nice doughnut flavor or nice chocolate creamy flavor with some hints of custard.

    This e-juice has a 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol ratio. It gives a pretty solid cloud experience. And since I keep emphasizing that its flavor is not gaggy, this e-juice runs pretty smooth and pleasant with no throat hit or nose burning sensation at all. I also love that this does not kill the cotton right away, and it takes quite some time before the cotton starts to gunk up heavily.

    Meanwhile, one good sign that you’ve got a great e-juice company in there is when people start to comment on the smell of the clouds. I have to tell you, Mr. Cannoli sure does know how to grab the attention it deserves.

    Did I mention that cannoli are actually Italian desserts? I think you will get that idea the instance you hold its bottle. Yes, you will meet that stereotypical Italian chef wearing a poofy white cap with a twirly mustache winking and doing an A-OK sign on the label.

    Mr. Cannoli has three different nicotine concentration levels. The 6 mg of nicotine version is for those who are up for the strongest hit this juice can offer. The 3 mg of nicotine version is crafted for average vapers or those who are just giving vaping a try. And the 0 mg of nicotine version is for those who want a guaranteed nicotine-free bottle.

    Mr. Cannoli is brought to you by Dynamic Creations. It guarantees that its product is handcrafted and bottled using a top of the line ISO7 clean room in the United States. Each product is made from natural and organic ingredients to make the ultimate vaping experience.

    Overall, the Mr. Cannoli e-juice is a must-try dessert vape juice. It has lots of cream plus a delicious pastry crust flavoring. It is a perfect all-day vape, thanks to its smooth and easy-going blend. Its max vegetable glycerin blend also gives off plenty of vapor and delicious flavors.

    Buy vape juice online and catch an awesome cannoli deal. Get your own Mr. Cannoli for as low as $21.99. Bottle comes in two sizes – 30 mL and 60 mL. This is one of the e-juices I have tried that will give you the “wow” factor and does not easily bore you. If I were you, I’d follow Mr. Cannoli’s advice: Don’t hog this one too long, or you might get asked to pass the cannoli!”


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