Mistakes to avoid when making vape juice

    Making vaping juice at your own convenience, and with the right method sounds interesting.
    You probably had a stressful day, and all you want is a vape to ease your nerves and to relax. Sadly, you’re out of vape juice. No doubt, this raises a dilemma; how to get vape juice without having to leave the house? Interestingly, you might consider making vape juice. Once again, you’re faced with another dilemma – how to make your vape juice without making mistakes. An improperly made vape juice can destroy your taste for Vapes, and even trigger health complications such as pneumonia and other types of lung diseases.
    Making vape juice without mistakes requires paying attention to some details, and this might pose a challenge to even experienced vapers. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at four (4) important things to avoid when making a vaping juice. Avoiding these mistakes will, in effect, save lives, cost, time, and energy.

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    Four Important Things to Avoid in Making eJuice

    Improper Steeping .
    Newbies and most veteran vapers do not grasp the importance of steeping for at least 6-12hour or a week or more. Steeping helps to improve the flavor of your ejuice by extracting more from the applied flavor tincture. In addition, it is essential for vape flavors to combine and oxidize, thereby allowing each flavor constituent to “shine”. For a pleasant result, properly steep your new batch by using sterile glass jars. Why? Glass has better heat-retaining abilities. Therefore, it is desirable for making vape juice since steeping requires heat.

    Adding Too Much Flavor Concentrate
    Here’s lies another mistake most beginners experience. They fail to use the right proportion, believing that adding more flavor will result in a great tasting ejuice. Well, this is far from the truth. In fact, the reverse is the case. When making ejuice, the less flavor used, the better the taste of the ejuice. Even if a flavor is delicious, the high concentrate will ruin the flavor, and it will likely taste so unpleasant.

    Poor hygiene
    Hygiene is one important aspect to note when making vape juice. Equipment not properly cleaned can affect the flavor or the extracts. Always wash the equipment after usage since the residue of previously used concentrates might interfere with the quality of the new added flavor. Hence, wash equipment thoroughly to avoid a change in flavor, resulting from the after taste of previous batch.

    High amount of Nicotine recipe.
    Here’s the first rule of the game: Not every flavor taste well with high amount of nicotine. Ejuice flavors like cake, desserts, and cookies become bitter when high amounts of nicotine are added to the mixture. Conversely, fruity flavors like peach and apple hides the aftertaste of nicotine, blends well with the compound. Mind you, it’s advisable not to exceed certain nicotine concentrations in your vape juice. For instance, a little dose of Nicotine (7.1mg per kg of body weight) can be fatal to an adult. More so, vaping such high levels of nicotine flouts various state regulations.

    Wrapping Up
    Now, you know what to avoid when making vape juice? Well, you can finally begin to make your own vape juice. Don’t forget DIY vaping is an incredibly rewarding experience that saves you cost and ensures your safety. So, avoid the aforementioned mistakes in order to make great vape juices with minimal stress. Flavorah is a great resource for ejuice concentrates. Remember, always err on the side of caution when vaping by double-checking your equipment, and always get enough healthy air during exercises.

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