Innokin iTaste VTR Review

    There’s a lot of talk about a new vaping device that has recently come out from Innokin. It’s part of their iTaste product line and is considered to be one of the best vaping devices ever made. For those that aren’t familiar with electronic cigarettes, essentially it is a high-tech version of the ones that you see that look very much like regular cigarettes sold in stores.

    The primary difference is in its shape, looking more like a lighter with the mouthpiece on the side, providing much more than simply a unique appearance. Let’s take a look at why this particular product, the Innokin iTaste VTR, is slowly becoming one of the most popular products produced by this company that is well known in the vaping industry.

    Who Is Innokin?

    Although this company is relatively young, (founded in 2011) it is one of the top rated companies producing vaping products today. Its goal is to tap into this ever-changing market, one that was slowly growing into a billion-dollar industry, and providing customers with something unique. When it comes to advanced personal vaporizers or APVs, few companies can compete with the technology and innovation that Innokin can provide. This is particularly the case with one of their particular lines, the iTaste product line, which is the subject of this review today.

    Why People Choose To Vape

    One of the reasons that this industry has become so large in recent years is that of how quickly this technology has evolved. It is no longer considered a fad or novelty item, but something that provides a viable alternative to regular smoking.

    Although many claims have been made for decades about the hazards of smoking traditional cigarettes, it’s because of the innovations made with e-cigs that its popularity has grown. You can add many different flavors and change the amount of vapor that you get each time that you inhale. They are very easy to use, and it’s a product that can be used where regular cigarettes are banned. Let’s take a look at this latest product from Innokin, the Innokin iTaste VTR.

    The iTaste VTR From Innokin

    There are so many good things to say about this particular vaping device, but there are several attributes that stand out. On a very simplistic level, it comes with its leather carry pouch making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

    The variable voltage and wattage settings make it possible for you to get exactly the level of vapor that you desire. It’s easy to adjust, using a simple rotational wheel. It has a digital display which shows you everything that you need to know including how much battery power you have left.

    The LED display, resistive load detection, and reverse battery protection circuitry makes this one of the most technologically advanced MODs sold today.

    The best thing to do is purchase this particular device in a starter kit. The VTR is priced a little higher than many of the other comparable units but, because of its advanced technology, a price point of about $130 is definitely worth it, considering everything that you get using the iTaste VTR from Innokin.

    Now that you have a basic overview of what this device will be able to do for you along with the price point of this innovative device, you can make a positive decision to improve your ability to truly enjoy every moment of your vaping by using this latest innovation from Innokin that so many people have come to enjoy.

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