Humble Juice E-liquid Review: Top 3 Flavors for Vapers with a Sweet Tooth

    New and advanced vapers alike have already heard of the Humble Juice, with its mission to please the taste buds instead of the eyes. What do I mean by that? Well, it has the most humble and simplest packaging I have ever seen, but its flavors are always on point. In short, Humble Juice is living its purpose to become one of the best e-liquid makers, crafting premium vape juices for very affordable prices.

    Manufactured and bottled in Los Angeles, California, Humble Juice gives us an assurance that all its products underwent the utmost quality control standards. It has a plethora of flavor selection too, leaving you a pretty daunting task of choosing for your favorite ones. Nevertheless, I think too much is better than too little.

    Anyways, all Humble Juice bottles are offered in 120mL unicorn bottles with a child-proof cap. They are all a mixture of 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol. It offers three nicotine levels for each flavor at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine. It also has made collaboration with other brands, producing more interesting combinations that you will never realize are possible until you taste them.

    So, for starters who are still getting acquainted with Humble Juice Company. Here is a list of original flavors I can recommend.

    Unicorn Treats

    “A cereal that is sure to make you reminisce. Your welcome!”

    Living up to its flavor name, this vape juice really is a treat. It will take you down the memory lane as it bears the flavor of your favorite breakfast cereal meal. Vaping this will really give you a nostalgic feeling.

    On the inhale, this vape juice will welcome your taste buds with the flavor of a smooth and creamy bowl of cereal. Now, mix this flavor with some fluffy marshmallows, and that is the flavor you will enjoy on the way out. All you probably want to do after is to crave for more and more.

    Vape The Rainbow (or V.T.R. for short)

    “(VTR) knows how to stand out in a crowd! A colorful rainbow sorbet mixed with fruit flavors.”

    Famous people, especially celebrities, have always been a head turner, right? In the world of vaping, V.T.R has that celebrity status, as it knows how to stand out from the crowd. This vape liquid will let you enjoy a colorful summer.

    On the way in, your taste buds will have a very colorful, rainbow sorbet flavor mixed with rainbow, fruit-flavored candies. This sweet taste will fill your palate on the inhale, and that powerful sorbet flavoring cannot be simply missed or forgotten. On the exhale, your taste buds will enjoy one last time the scrumptious combo of sorbet with fruit candies that will linger a few seconds more before totally leaving.

    Donkey Kahn

    “A beautiful blend of  strawberry banana with a nice splash of dragon fruit! We highly doubt you will be disappointed!”

    It is hard to find a list of favorite Humble Juice without Donkey Kahn. Give it a try, and you will know why. The reason is that the blend of fruits in this e-juice is so unique you will have a hard time convincing yourself to stop your cravings for this vape liquid.

    On the inhale, Donkey Kahn will come with bright and sharp notes of strawberry and banana. On the exhale, this vape liquid finishes off with a sweet burst of dragon fruit. Honestly, I am used to and familiar with the strawberry and banana combo.

    It was the dragon fruit that surprised me and brought excitement to my taste buds. If I were on my own, mixing a personalized e-juice, I would have never thought of that dragon fruit on the tail end. So to the mixologists behind this, kudos for the great idea.

    All the vape liquids contain natural and artificial flavoring, USP propylene glycol, USP vegetable glycerin, and USP nicselect nicotine. It has been pre-steeped for two weeks or more, ensuring that it is readily available once you start vaping it. No need to wait for a few days to use it.

    Did I mention all these e-juices are available in a BOGO deal? Isn’t it quite funny? Just when you thought this is already cheap enough to be afforded by many, Humble Juice goes out and beyond, sending its love through a “buy one, get one” deal for only $24.99.


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