How Herbal Fracture CBD Pet Tincture Helped My Dog Recover

    We treat our pets as part of our families, and many would take any length just to keep them healthy. Good news is, the use of CBD is not only limited to humans as even our furry friends can reap its plethora of medicinal benefits. Would you believe it? There are actually specially formulated CBD tinctures available for our paw pals these days.

    According to studies, animals also possess an endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for many bodily functions. Therefore, just like humans, CBD is helpful for pets suffering from arthritis, sleeping difficulties, poor appetite, anxiety, depression, and a whole lot more.

    But wait… before you administer CBD to your pets, do know that administering the correct dosing is very important. Do you remember the first time you tried CBD? You gradually increased your dosing until you felt an effect. That is also applicable to animals, although it is a little challenging. You can work your way up until they experience relief. Just be careful though as CBD overdosing in animals can result in side effects such as drowsiness, vomiting, and itchiness.

    The use of CBD for pets is gaining popularity, and there are many products on the market. Of course, we need to be careful about what we are giving them. That being said, finding a reliable brand is very important. You see, there are brands that claim to provide CBD oils, but they deliver substandard products that do not serve their purpose.

    I have one dog at home, and I only trust Herbal Fracture for her. The company’s standard pet tincture is formulated with CO2 extracted CBD mixed with either Cod Liver or MCT oil. This product is beneficial for animals that are overly excitable, experience separation anxiety, and suffer from sore joints.

    Many people are wondering why I started giving CBD to my pooch. The story began summer last year when she contracted the dystemper virus. It is the second deadliest disease among canine, and it has claimed the lives of many dogs. For some that survived even at late stages, the symptoms are irreversible. Worse, it has no cure.

    I honestly questioned myself where I went wrong and where she got it. But since the disease was still in the early stage, I put blaming myself aside and started looking for solutions. The key to any virus attack is boosting your immune system, and that was what we did.

    I gathered answers across the internet and read blogs from paw parents who have experienced it. Then, one good friend of mine introduced CBD for pets. I was a little hesitant as one wrong decision would cost her life. So, I consulted my vet if it was okay to add CBD to her already long list of medications to take every day.

    After 2 weeks of continuous treatment, we saw drastic improvements in her condition. Many of the concerned pet parents I chatted with online could not believe the news as well. She was declared virus-free after a month.

    Today, her health is perfectly normal and I couldn’t be any happier. Of course, I learned my lesson and I do not want her to go through such difficulty again. Thus, I decided to continue giving her CBD tinctures as maintenance. By far, she has not been sick, and her appetite is good, despite being a picky eater.

    So, will I recommend CBD tinctures for animals? My answer is a resounding yes! But I highly recommend that you consult your vet first.

    I got my pet tincture at Herbal Fracture. They are available in three different concentrations at 300mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg for $39.99, $79.99, and $154.99, respectively. They come in 1 fluid oz. (29.6mL) glass dropper bottles. By the way, did I mention this product contains CBD isolate? CBD isolate contains beta mycrene and beta-caryophyllene terpenes, which can help increase the effectiveness of the tinctures.

    Herbal Fracture also has other CBD for your pets. Simply head over to its website at to purchase. This company has many CBD products including gummies, tinctures, and massage oil.


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