501 connection – the most widely used size of screw thread to attach a PV to a cartomiser/atomiser
    Analogue – slang for a tobacco cigarette
    atomiser/atty – the part of a PV that heats the e-liquid, usually a coil of wire
    autoswitch – a PV that is activated whenever a user sucks air through the mouthpiece
    carto / cartomiser.   – A combination of a cartridge and an atomiser usually filled and refilled by the user.
    cartridge – a combined atomiser and e-liquid holder, usually stuffed with absorbent filler material factory filled and disposable
    clearomiser/clearo – a tank containing an atomiser and wick, usually see through, that a user fills with e-liquid
    drip tip –  the mouthpiece that attaches to an atty, a tank or a carto originally used to make it easier to drip e-liquid directly onto a dripping atomiser.
    dripping atomiser – looks like a carto but with no filler material.  The user drips e-liquid several drops at a time onto the coil, takes a few drags before repeating
    e-cigarette/e-cig – a PV that resembles a cigarette some refer to all PVs as e-cigarettes
    eGo – a widely used and widely copied brand of PV, uses a 510 connection one of the first larger e-cig types available.
    e-lquid – the liquid that is turned into vapour by the PV
    filler– the absorbent filling material inside cartomiser and cartridges
    flooding – this happens when the atomiser has too much e-liquid next to it and cannot heat the liquid properly
    juice – slang for e-liquid
    Low Resistance LR LoRes – an atomiser with a resistance rating of about 1.8ohms or less
    manual switch – a PV that has a button the user presses to activate the atomiser.  Most PVs use manual switches as it protects the battery inside from damage from leaking e-liquid
    mg – milligrams.  Used to show the strength or nicotine content to e-liquid.  12mg is equal to 1.2% nicotine.  24mg is 2.4% nicotine
    mod – slang for a larger more advanced PV
    passthrough – a device that plugs the PV into a power source (usually a USB port) so that batteries are not needed.
    PG – Propylene Glycol, the main ingredient in most e-liquids.  PG is also widely used as the primary ingredient in medical inhalers, when heated it produces a smoke like vapour.  PG carries more flavour to the user than VG.  All PG used in e-lquid should be pharmaceutical grade (BP or USP)
    PV – Personal Vapouriser
    Starter Kit – contains everything you need to begin vaping.  Or all the bits you might want with a particular PV.
    Throat Hit – the tingling feeling on the back of the throat a user gets immediately after inhaling vapour, caused mostly by the nicotine.
    Vaping – the act of using a PV
    VG – Vegetable Glycerine.  A Very widely used food additive, used in e-liquid to increase vapour production.  Some e-liquids are purely VG based.  VG carries less flavour to the user than PG.  All VG used in e-lquid should be pharmaceutical grade (BP or USP)
    Wick – used to deliver the right amount of e-liquid from a tank or clearo to the atomiser coil.  Usually made from silica fibre or a rolled stainless steel mesh.