Cherry E Liquid – This Series Of E Juice Tastes Amazing

    Anyone who has ever wanted a cherry on top of anything can have that anytime with a great tasting cherry e-juice. For many people fruit flavors are their go to e-flavors and for most cherry flavors are at the top of their list. Creating the perfect vape isn’t only done with great taste but just the right hit and many people are finding the total vaping package with this favorite flavor.

    Cherry E-Liquid by Vapor Zone (Cherry Crush)

    Flavor: It is no secret that people have loved the great cherry taste in not only their recipes but in their sodas. So for those individuals looking for that cherry crush soda flavor they will get all they are looking for with this cherry e-juice.

    One hit will have each person thinking back to their last cherry soda. The sweet and fruity richness of this product is what many people have been looking for in a cherry flavored e-liquid.

    Throat Hit: The smooth cherry crush blend has the right taste and with a hard hitting vape that will have e-cig smokers going crazy for this flavor.

    It has a clean refreshing favor, like other Vapor Zone e liquids.

    Aroma: This puts off a faint cherry aroma in the air upon exhale. It’s not extremely strong but you can definitely smell the cherry scent. There are no other scents to report on this one.

    Try some today!


    Black Cherry E-Juice by Mount Baker

    Flavor: For those people who may be hesitant to order this black cherry e-juice because they are worried about an overpowering flavor they don’t have to worry this flavor has just the right amount of cherry flavoring to create a colossal cherry vape. With just the right sweetness and satisfying hit cherry lovers will be pleasantly surprised with this vaping experience.

    Really there are no underlying flavor notes here, it’s basically all cherry.

    Throat Hit: Mild to low medium. It doesn’t hit in a strong way. but it isn’t non-existent either.

    Aroma: This one puts off a faint cherry hint, much like the VZ formula above. It’s not overly strong in the air, at least not to me. It still adds a nice cherry aroma.

    Check it out here

    You can choose which one gives you the cherry e liquid flavor you have been looking for. If you have any questions, ask us below.

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