Blue Slushie Tropical E-juice by Keep It 100 Review

    With the ever-increasing varieties of vape juice, it could get difficult to find one that will keep you enticed and coming back for more, while at the same time satisfying your taste buds’ craving for something invigorating and fresh.

    Just in case you’ve also experienced this difficulty, here’s something that offers you a little bit of everything. Blue Slushie Tropical e-juice by Keep It 100 is a go-to e-cigarette juice for all your vape needs. All you need is a taste and you’ll be more than convinced.

    The Keep It 100 vape juice brand offers a lineup of classic candy, dessert, fruit and breakfast flavors.

    Blue Slushie Tropical E-juice by Keep It 100 is manufactured by Liquid Labs, based in New Jersey. Liquid Labs has over the years become well known as the producer of some of the greatest lines of vape juice flavors available in the vape industry.

    They employ high-quality manufacturing practices in the making of this e-juice. Their facility includes GMP compliant ISO 7 clean rooms to ensure production takes place in a controlled, sanitary environment; one of the many reasons why they are one of the leading e-liquid manufacturers in the United States. You can get Keep It 100 e-liquids at the Ultimate Vape Deals online store.

    When you think Blue Slushie Tropical, you think adventure- a tropical vape adventure. We’re talking about plump luscious strawberries and perfectly tart blue raspberries, all fresh hand-picked and tossed into a blender already filled with your favorite tropical fruits and some ice for a cocktail’ kind of adventure that you need each day, all thanks to Keep It 100!

    If you are a lover of fruit-flavored vape juice, then you will have an explosion with this one. With its blend of mango, peach, pineapple, and guava. This vape juice is everything you think it is and more.

    This mix of strawberry and blue raspberry goodness will give you that perfect balance between sweet and sour with just the right touch of tropical flavors to produce an overall flavor that keeps you excited and on edge with every drag.

    With this exquisitely yummy blend, you’re guaranteed a satisfying experience filled with deliciously scented clouds. If you are one for going the extra mile, then thrill yourself with the double-lane vaping ride of this adventurous Blue Slushie Tropical vape juice flavor.

    On the inhale, Blue Slushie Tropical fills your taste buds with its sweet-sour strawberry and raspberry blend, and when you exhale, it gives you an intense hit of the sensational fruity paradise it promises, all with an enticing hint of icy menthol.

    Blue Slushie Tropical e-juice contains a base with a 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG) ratio. This makes for a delightful vaping experience with thick vape clouds and a smooth throat hit.

    It also comes with nicotine level options of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. So there is one for everyone.

    This infusion of tropical goodness arrives in a hefty 100ml bottle designed to satiate your passion for a perfect-flavored vape hit over and over again—that is until it finally runs out and you come calling for more.

    Blue Slushie Tropical e-juice by Keep It 100 offers you a memorable vaping experience for a great price. With its lasting, smooth fruity taste and even better aftertaste, this e-juice is sure to become your everyday go-to vape juice.

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