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Apple Berry Cream Puff by California Vaping

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Today we are reviewing one of the best e-Liquid developers in California Vaping Company, and even more excited to share these killer e-liquids with our Visitors! Don’t be fooled by the relaxed vibe of Californians, these guys are the real deal. Located in the bio-tech region of San Diego, they begin crafting their juices in their lab using medical grade equipment.

At the moment, I am vaping their delicious Apple Berry Cream Puff which we’ll review and break down why you should be looking for this in your next vape starter kit! So what’s all the hubbub about this juice I’m vaping on? I’ll tell you…


Cracking the bottle open for the first time, you can smell the creaminess above anything else. Additionally, you get some berry and slight apple undertones. Don’t be thrown off by the apple smell or flavor, it’s subtle enough that it’s a nice addition and compliments the rich creaminess.

Flavor Profile

If berries, apples, and cream sound like a bite you’d like to take, you won’t be disappointed! With a 30 PG and 70 VG ratio, you’re not going to get as much of a throat hit. However, what you do get is a very smooth taste delivering the flavors to the front door of your taste buds. If you’re looking for more PG in your juice, don’t fret. California Vaping Company offers different PG/VG ratios in their other awesome juices!


Immediately you’re getting a wash over your tastes buds of delicious cream accompanied by undertones of berry and apple. I’m not talking about the miracle whip you get at the store, more like a creaminess resembling Mom’s homemade whipped cream she makes on the holidays. Taking that first bite, your mouth is overcome with the sweetness of that big dollop of whipped cream. Imagine the same when you begin vaping this e-juice, it’s absolutely delicious!


The aftertaste continues with a creamy goodness, but then your taste buds are lathered with stronger undertones of apple and berry than before. I want to say the apple flavor is green apple, but that could be just my own taste buds. After exhaling, you are left with a more noticeable berry flavor. The best way I can describe the addition of the apple is like a blueberry shortcake that has been elegantly garnished with thinly sliced apple.

Want some! Grab it here at Vape Box




This juice deserves every star I'm giving it in today's e-liquid reviews, 4 out of 5. Overall, I am delighted with California Vaping Company and it's Apple Berry Cream Puff juice, their attention to detail really shows. With that being said, I think I'll continue to "review" this juice for the rest of my day! Want to hear more about some of the other awesome juices California Vaping Company offers?


Concluding thoughts



Throat hit






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