We are a small group of dedicated and multi-year vaping aficionados with all the knowledge and know-how to get you to STOP SMOKING…and start VAPING! We carry tons of eCig products and have access to nearly anything available in the electronic cigarette market. This site will continue to grow right along with the industry!

    Our mission is simple…to save lives without the need to quit doing what we love while providing the best quality products to accomplish our mission!

    If you smoke cigarettes you already know it’s killing you. You already know you HAVE to quit. You already know they’re banned in nearly every single public space in the country! But lets face it, you don’t want to quit, because you like it! And so does every person out there who smokes cigarettes otherwise they wouldn’t do it. There has been no viable, healthier alternative to cigarettes…UNTIL NOW! An electronic cigarette targets all the addictive properties of smoking cigarettes. The oral fixation, the “throat hit”, the feeling in your lungs, the nicotine, and the visual inhale and exhale of what appears to be smoke…but is simply VAPOR. The future of smoking isn’t smoking at all, so stop smoking and start VAPING!