Best Five Cheap Premium Candy Flavors Review

    Apple Sour Straws E-juice by Bazooka Vape – 60 ml

    VG/PG: 70/30

    The dominant flavors used by Bazooka seem to be the apple and licorice, as well as a candied pineapple that all taste a bit like well-known candy flavors. The candied fruit apple presents immediately on the inhale with a bright, sweet fruitiness. This then meets a very realistic whipped cream flavor that reinforces the lollipop flavor on the exhale and finish. I’m not sure exactly why that works so well, but as soon as the sweet and sour sugar blends with the fruits, the unmistakable flavor of those giant lollipops presents, almost perfectly. The cream also gives the vape a bit more body and a bit more substance and demonstrates superior juicing skills.

    The mentholated version of Apple Sour Straws is easily identifiable as it the very same juice with a healthy dose of menthol added in. This is a pure, real menthol flavor rather than an icy cold flavorless one. This adds a minty element to the flavor profile. It works well with the sweet candy flavors, lending the profile a sense of the crispness, as well as some great throat hit.

    Market Price: $25.00~Savings: $14.01

    Best Buy Price: $10.99!

    Candy Aisle by The Munch Bunch – 30 ml

    Upon inhaling, the sweet orange flavor is front and center. It’s a solid candy-like orange flavor, sweet, but not over the top. When combined with the berries, there’s a one-two punch of sweet and sour.
    Once the sweet spot is worked out, it’s not difficult to pick up on the other flavors in this juice, and much like candy straws, the flavors taste like colors. There is some purple which would be the grape flavor, as well as some red that could be cherry or strawberry. The flavors underneath the orange and sour candy blend seamlessly to create a single flavor that very closely resembles The Munch Bunch. The key to getting the most out of this juice, at least for me, is to watch the wattage, or be prepared for a mouth-puckering blast of tart!

    Market Price: $22.00~Savings: $12.01

    Blue Raspberry Sour Straws E-juice by Bazooka Vape – 60 ml

    VG/PG: 70/30

    This flavor from Bazooka Vape is spot-on. The mix brings a hint of raspberry to the overall profile and has a graceful symmetry that makes for a particularly refreshing vape. The name is derived from the method in which the berries are harvested. Since the leaves and stems can contain the alkaloid, the berries are removed from the stems through a freezing process which allows for an easier separation of the berries from the stems and leaves.

    The profile is a rather sophisticated berry flavor that’s quite a departure from the standard berry blends that are so prevalent in the e-liquid marketplace today. It’s sweet, but a long way from the kind of sweetness you would find in a standard blueberry or raspberry based juice. If you’re one who favors fruity flavors but finds the more standard fare too sweet to vape for extended periods of time, this juice is well worth checking out.

    Market Price: $25.00~Savings: $14.01
    Best Buy Now Price: $10.99!

    King’s Landing by Royal Crest Vapors – 30 ml

    King’s Landing is one of most life-like representations of the classic combo I’ve ever tasted. The peanut butter presents first, with a thick and dense quality. There is just a light salty edge that makes this flavor strike a chord with me. The peanut flavor manages to squeeze by the creamy banana in the mix resulting in a flavor profile that Royal Crest Vapors should be proud of. This is by far, the best PB Cup e-liquid I’ve tasted to date.

    Market Price: $21.99~Savings: $16.99
    Best Buy Now Price: $5.00!

    Yummy Gum by Naked100  E-liquid – 60ml

    PG/VG: 30/70

        In Yummy Gum, one flavor is immediate. It’s a strawberry candy Jolly Rancher type of flavor. That particular flavor tends to have some issues in the hands of a less experienced juicer. It can come off as sharp, even jarringly sour but, Naked 100 E-liquid manages to keep the juice balanced by restraining the strong tartness that often accompanies green apple based e-juice.

    While pulling the strawberry from the profile is simple, the remaining notes in this intricate pattern, are quite a bit harder to identify. The top of the exhale is loaded with a sweeter, more natural fruit flavor and while I can’t be 100% certain, I’d guess it’s ripe plum, and it’s a long way from dominant. It’s more of a subtle bottom note that offsets both the strawberry as well as the flavor that follows it, a thick candied grape, that’s reminiscent of grape bubblegum.

    The plum and grape fold seamlessly into one another with the grape gaining a greater foothold on the finish. Overall, the profile is stunning. It’s sweet like candy as the name implies, but with additional mild tart notes that lead to an extraordinary sense of balance. This is furthered by the flawless base liquids that Naked 100 E-liquid utilizes. Like the other premium e-liquids I’ve reviewed from this vendor, this juice has no problem handling the high wattage.

    Market Price: $28.00~Savings: $17.01
    Best Buy Now Price: $10.99!

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